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Your Music is your resume. If your mix quality is low, your talent cannot be properly appreciated. Professional level music mixing and mastering is an art form. The better the mixing and mastering audio engineer is, the higher the quality of your song.

The PhonicGURUS

Shani Burton Johnson, Bernard Jackson, Lewis Martinee and Al Hemberger have created the Phonic Guru Music Mixing and Mastering service in order to help bring you professional radio and club level quality mixing at an affordable price. Your music needs to have a certain level of audio quality in order for you to showcase your talent properly. If you are trying to pitch your songs through MusicXray, Sonicbids, or ReverbNation to any music industry professional, your music must sound professional! If you expect to be successful in the music business then you need to sound professional. Your songs need to be properly mixed and mastered.

Music mixing and mastering is both a science and an art. Top of the line music mixers, engineers and audio mastering professionals are expensive and well worth the cost. Many musicians can't afford the best music engineers and producers so their demos lack the quality necessary to be taken seriously.

Lewis Martinee and Al Hemberger are legendary music industry studio owners, recording engineers, mixers, mastering audiologists and multi-platinum producers and song writers. Bernard jackson is a legendary singer, multi-platinum producer, and song writer. And Shani Burton Johnson is the CEO of Released 1st, Inc. a new innovative twenty third century music label and distribution system that converts amateurs into headlining superstars.

Shani B. Johnson, Bernard Jackson

Lewis Martinee

Al Hemberger, Rod Stewart

Mr. Martinee decided to help musical artists that could not afford traditional Mixing and Mastering conducted by Multi-platinum Producers and audio engineers after receiving song submissions through MusicXray and ReverbNation. Mr. Martinee was confronted with hundreds of songs that lacked the quality necessary to be taken seriously. If an artist wants to succeed in the music industry they must have professional level music. That is why was created.

Low cost, affordable audio mixing and mastering with a real multi-platinum producer/audio engineer. Released 1st, Inc. is a company created by legendary Music Industry professionals with a mission to find new talent, develop that talent and promote them until they establish a viable profitable career in the music industry. Now will help you create a professional level song by mixing and mastering your song with the exact level of professionalism any Billboard #1 record enjoys. Our legendary Music Industry professionals will even critique, analyze and help you improve your song as part of the process. And if we like the songs and the artist/performer we might even sign you to a recording contract where you will enjoy the benefits of an all expenses paid trip to the top of the Billboard charts!

About Us

Bernard Jackson is the lead singer of the Billboard #1 Hit Group SURFACE
as well as the Chairman of
Lewis Martinee is the Co-President of
Al Hemberger is the Co-President of
Shani Burton Johnson is the Chief Operating Officer of



Why will my songs sound professional if you mix them rather than myself or a program such as by MixGenius?


With over 90 years of combined Music Production, Studio Ownership and Audio Engineering experience the PhonicGuru team have amassed 41 Billboard #1 Hit records and are responsibile for the sale of millions of records that you have heard, enjoyed and thought were wonderfully mixed, mastered and produced. The PhonicGuru team has proven "Ears" that can develop hits and can help you understand what it takes to create a hit. Labels and multi-platinum artists currently hire the Phonic Guru team members to help them with their music at premium fee levels you would not be able to afford unless you are signed to a major label. Yet you will be receiving the exact same care and professional level of mixing, production and mastering at an affordable price level because the phonicGurus are actively seeking hit records and artists with hit potential. The Phonic Gurus want to find you first before the major labels. Before you are so jaded by the harsh music business process that you obtain bad habits and a bad attitude. The Phonic Gurus want to help you make it the right way. No matter what your song currently sounds like, it will sound better, more professional after the Phonic Gurus mix and master it.


Does Lewis Martinee or Al Hemberger actually mix and master my song or do you use a program like or other such plug-ins?


The Phonic Gurus only mix and master your song the right way. Either Lewis Martinee or Al hemberger will actually mix and master your songs personally. Their reputations will be on the line and you will be allowed to use their names in the credits of your song when you publish it. They will use their own studios and provide the exact same attention to detail they currently offer Celine Dion, Christina Aguilera, Rod Stewart, Rhianna or any other client they work with. NO SHORT CUTS WILL BE TAKEN ON YOUR MUSIC!


Will I be able to speak to Lewis Martinee, Bernard Jackson, or Al Hemberger on the phone and describe what I think my song should sound like?


Yes, you will receive an intial phone conference call that will allow you to personally describe what you envision your song should sound like. This call will be made by either Lewis, Bernard or Al depending on what professional will be working on your song.


Will I get a recording contract?


Maybe! If Lewis, Al, or Bernard love your song and think you have the commercial potential necessary to hit big, they are empowered to sign you or help you get signed to a major label. But it isn't guaranteed that you will receive an offer from our company. And the focus of this service is to improve the quality of your music with a secondary effort from our company to find those artists we feel can be commercially viable in today's music industry. The commercial viability of your music and level of talent is depenedent on many factors such as melody and musicianship. Therefore the selection of artists and their music is a process not specifically tied to this service but it is one of the benefits you will enjoy nonetheless.

How We Work

Step 1

You choose the type of Mix or mastering you desire. For Example: If you want your vocals tuned and worked on then you would choose a mix package that includes vocals. Maybe you want Bernard Jackson to help you arrange your vocal backgrounds or have him help you figure out a few vocal riffs. Maybe you need an instrument replayed or your drum sequence redone. In the first step you will decide what you think you need. Then after you select and pay for your package and consult with one of the Phonic Gurus you may change your package based on their advice. So don't worry we will help you all the way through the process.

Step 2

You select a package and proceed to the cart. There you will choose a payment method and plan. Pay your fee in full or in installments. We understand that it is difficult to raise the needed funds to make your music sound professional. But we also know you need our help so we have made the cost of improving your music's quality affordable and even provided you a payment plaan to lower your initial out of pocket investment. Our Phonic Gurus are not making a profit off you or your music. The normal fees required to hire any of the Phonic Gurus is generally up to ten times more than they are asking of you. They only work on major label projects or their own artists. Now they hope to find the future talent they can mold into tomorrow's superstars. And by offering you a low cost alternative to professional mixing and mastering they can listen to your music, establish a relationship with you and help mold you into a better musical artist and maybe even a star. How much is that worth?

Step 3

After you pay your fee you will receive an email confirming your booking of services. You will be provided a DropBox for you to upload your song and separated tracks/session files. You will provide a rough mix as your song currently sounds.

Step 4

After the Phonic Guru assigned to you listens to the song and makes their determinations as to how to improve it, the Phonic Guru assigned to you will personally call. The Phonic Guru will discuss your music with you and will ascertain what you expect from your mix or master. If any production issues are identified such as timing or errant musical notes, these issues will be brought to your attention and a remedy offered. Most minor issues will be fixed free of charge but if the fix is extensive then additional charges may apply. You will be the ultimate decision maker and if you do not want the suggested improvement to be made by the Phonic Guru you do not have to agree to any suggested improvements. The Phonic Guru will still mix and master your song and it still will sound vastly improved.

Step 5

The Phonic Gurus will improve your music and vocals depending on the package selected. As you already know the amount of time required to fix vocals and improve the overall the sound of your instrumentation is significant. The Phonic Gurus will discuss with you all the options available for you to ascertain what level of professional sound quality you are seeking. If you only need a top notch demo versus a radio quality, or club ready mastered song. Obviously no matter what package you choose the Phonic Gurus will enhance the quality of the sound you will hear.

Step 6

Your song will be placed in a scheduled queue and the Phonic Guru will begin mixing it. Each Guru will review the Phonic Guru's preliminary mix and make suggestions. This will ensure you will have three or more multi-platinum professionals listening to your song and helping improve it.

Step 7

A preliminary mix will be sent to you for you to review. If you like the mix and accept it as final then a mastered version will be sent to you depending on the mastering package you have choosen the mastering level will be for demo or for radio level quality. If you listen to the preliminary mix and would like a few simple changes that do not exceed your package's parameters, the Phonic Guru working on your song will happily make those changes for you at no additional cost to you. You will have one free opportunity to make adjustments as you deem appropriate. You will submit your requests in writing via email and if the Phonic Guru needs clarification they will contact you to discuss your adjustments.

Step 8

Any requested adjustments will be made and a new final mix will be sent to you for review. If at this time you would like additional adjustments or changes additional charges may incur.

Step 9

The Phonic Gurus will now listen to the finished product and will critique and evaluate the artist and the song. A written review will be sent to you. Any suggestions for you to improve your sound, style, or talent level through training will be delineated in the written critique and assessment.

Step 10

You will be considered for signing to the Released 1st, Inc. music label if the Phonic Gurus deem your talent level sufficiently strong and promising. If you are signed you will be provided a team of music industry experts to help shape and guide your career. We will invest all the necessary funds and resources required to make you a star. You will not have to spend another cent as Released 1st, Inc. will pay for production and marketing for any artist signed to our company. Remember that we are very selective of the type and level of professionalism required of our artists. When you acquire the services of the Phonic Gurus for mixing and mastering or even vocal arrangement or vocal training, you are not guaranteed a music deal from us or any other organization. We will improve the quality of your music but we cannot improve the melody or theme of your song as we are not co-writing the song with you.

Price List

Plan One

One Different Song Mixed for $600, One Different Song Mastered for $600. Or One Song Mixed and Mastered for $1000.

Order Plan 1

Plan Two

Three Different Songs Mixed for $1,500, Three Different Songs Mastered for $2,400. Or Three Songs Mixed and Mastered for $2,000.

Order Plan 2

Plan Three

Six Different Songs Mixed for $1,800, Six Different Songs Mastered for $3,000. Or Six Songs Mixed and Mastered for $2,700.

Order Plan 3

Plan Four

Ten Different Songs Mixed for $2,000, Ten Different Songs Mastered for $2,900. Or Ten songs Mixed and Mastered for $2,800.

Order Plan 4


$100 per hour for Studio Time. $100 per hour for Phonic Guru Producer. (Billed at Minimum Three Hour Block)

Order Production


Vocal Lessons $100 per hour from a Phonic Guru Multi-platinum Singer. Vocal arrangements for your song $100 per hour. Vocal backgrounds $100 per hour. ( Billed at Minimum Three Hour Block)

Order Vocals

If you would like any major artist to perform on your song we can arrange it. For example: You want Jay Z to rap on your track, if the song is good enough and we believe it has potential we will contact Jay Z for you and propose a deal. You will have to pay for legal expenses to draft contracts and any fees associated with the artist's participation. We will perform these "song pitch" services for free as long as the song warrants it.


If you have any questions or need clarification on any subject not covered in the Frequently Ask Questions page, please email us below.

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